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October 29, 2012
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Hero Factory MOC: Goldfish by Rahiden Hero Factory MOC: Goldfish by Rahiden
Isn't he adorable? Meanwhile, it seems that people don't realise that some fish don't have dorsal fins...

Hero Factory (c) Lego
Designing, building and photography (c) Me
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That part combination is unacceptable for a tail of a fish, if you're trying to be anything close to the real of what's anatomically correct, what with the bit sticking out in the middle.

Looking at my own goldfish, which is just a regular old goldfish, every single fin on this is way too small, plus it's missing many fish.

Sorry, but as a rahi, maybe, but a goldfish, no. Even as a rahi, this fish could not swim.

Buildwise, the contouring (because you should know that's what I'll be talking about :la:) Is crazy good, I didn't think it possible to use a rotor head :P The gap on the bottom side should be fixed, either by plates or another orange tooth (either kind)

I wish there was an upper fin, that's necessary on just about every fish.
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Aw!! It's so cute! Now that I got that out of my system, it's time to take a look out of everyone's favorite cheddar snack. Wait, this isn't the food? Darn, I was hoping to get some goldfish. Anyway, we have a petite creation from Rahiden. As most watchers of Rahiden now, big is beautiful and ready to Sparta Kick Leonidas into that bottomless pit. On occasion however, we get a little break from the big, bad, and brute-like for something completely different.

Now on the actual creation. Rahiden has taken more parts where one might go, "I don't need these" and turned them into something. This 'something' is original and unique. Of course, there have been no goldfish Bionicle/Hero Factory releases. The use of the Rotor (I believe that's his name) head has the front of the fish blends nicely with the rest of the coloring. The tubing and more mechanical design of the helmet do little to change the smooth design.

As for my scoring, its normally with what I usually score it - vision gets 4.5 due to obviously being based on a goldfish. 5 for originality and technique because...well, have you tried making a goldfish with bionicle pieces? Lastly, a 4 on impact because unless you're going to draw this or build it yourself, it doesn't have a world-changing impact.

Well, that's all from Sora-the-Bisharp! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get to Opelucid City in Pokemon White 2. Ciao!
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megaherofactory Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  New member
CUTE! lol
DeltashockOmnihorn Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Fishi so CUTE!!!:happybounce: 
DeltashockOmnihorn Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I so jelly...
KateVunza Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
That... is weird. I'm quite frankly surprised that you found pieces that fit together almost precisely like that, but I guess I really shouldn't be, since I haven't bought much in the way of any new Lego sets at all since 2006.

It's adorable, and I love it.
rana06 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013
nice job :D
Dinofuzz Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL... Rotor as a fish! X3 That's sooo cool!
Pahrak-Kal Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Ah, finally a good use for this damn Rotor head! I've had it for one year, and I've never been able to use it properly...
Rahiden Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hehe, thanks!
bioghosty4 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
so cute
Karda4124 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw, it's so cute, I just want to stick it in my ear and translate alien languages for me!
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