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September 7, 2013
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Bionicle MOC: Ember by Rahiden Bionicle MOC: Ember by Rahiden
Not to be confused with Overheat.

Ember is a female fire demon, born of the flame and, unlike the explosive personalities of her element, is reasonably quiet. Her demeanour is more of a glowing coalfire rather than a raging inferno.

As a MOC, Ember began as nothing more than Overheat 3.0., which I had wanted to do for some time; I disliked Overheat's head and arms, and wanted to clean up the colour scheme a little. After deciding to redo the torso as well, I resolved to remake the entire MOC, meaning that Overheat and Ember are completely different structurally. The only trait that they share is the basic concept.
This is, of course, the colour scheme: coal-black at the feet, gradually rising through shades of red and orange until we reach wisps of yellow at the top. I'd say that Ember's transition is far smoother: see this comparison to see what I mean. Perhaps the only thing I miss from Overheat is the digitigrade feet, but either way Ember is supposed to be more humanoid, and extra joints in feet tend to be less stable. I'm also happier with the parts usage on Ember, like the brain slug used as her spine!
Ember was made as a sort of counterpart to another MOC of mine, Fissure. Fissure's concept was centred around colour distribution too, except that his was the segregation of it as opposed to a steady sweep through a spectrum. I hope you like them both!

Update 14/09/2013: Made a few changes which I thought were significant. The lower HF armour piece on Ember's head has been changed to yellow and there are a couple of other minor adjustments, but the major changes were the hips and upper legs. Her hips are now wider and more rounded (to the point where I think they may be too fat), which gave me room to stabilise the hip joint as well. Note that the critiques by ~Rannok and ~Vedkarrtheunbroken were written about Ember's previous version, which can be seen in the above comparison. As I have already photographed Ember's involvement in Hero Faffory, I highly doubt that I'll change anything else, so I hope you approve of the updates!

Bionicle (c) Lego
Designing, building, photography (c) Me
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I've always wanted to write one of these, and here I am!
I want to get one thing out of the way, I love the 'fade to black' color scheme. That's the way to go when one is moccing with multiple colors! That whole deal really puts it up there for me in terms of visually appealing Mocs.

As for it's build...
I've always had a problem with many of your Mocs, in that their structure looks and feels stiff and blocky, this one is no exeption.
The abdominal area looks particularly stiff, what with the orange launcher bit hindering the front and the straight back. It gives off a uniform feel, like a salute stance, contrasting to the wavy, billowy, and ribbony look of heat and flame. The arms are a step in the right direction, because they are flexible and free of intrusions, feeling more fiery. The legs are stiff feeling as well, but for me it works, as they look heavier and cooler, like coal.

One thing that stands out for many of your Mocs are the heads. They're creative, convey imagery, and always stand out amongst each other. This one is done as well as any other, feeling a little closer to everyone's comfort zone, and not at all skimping me on imagery. It almost genuinely looks like a womans face with long, flamelike hair.
If I can assume thats what you were going for, I applaud your success.

I understand this was not meant to be your masterpiece, so please take what I've said lightly, but into thought.

The stiffness of this Moc and others by you definately dry my mouth faster than the desert sun, but the visual appeal in this instance kept me interested in it.
5/5 gerd jeb mun c:
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As an introducton, I would like to say that my critiques are comparitive. When I critique a MOC, I compare the MOC to Inika builds, and Retinence/Archinto type builds, so don't think that my ratings are negative. :)

Ember is a great MOC, and I'm sure you've gotten alot of feedback, But I'll try to go through a few things that may not have been covered by the other comment givers.

Vision: 4 stars, You definately knew what you wanted to make, but I don't think you were making each piece with a certain form in mind. Like many builders, you had a good idea of what you were making, but you didn't go all retinence on us and build something from a pre-existing piece of art or anything.

Originality: 3 stars, the whole "demon chick" thing has been done countless times before, but not very often with lego. I have nothing against old concepts, but lets be realistic here, the concept is over done. (not a bad thing thoug)

Technique: Ah, now Technique is somthing that I can rant about. Yes, this is well built, but there are a few parts that could definately be re-thought for future versions. When you consider that the chest is articulated, but the abdomen is not, we see a fatal flaw in the design; If you are going to articulate a piece of the torso, the abdomen would be the most logical and practical place to do so. When I fist saw the feet, I thought they were failed digitgraded legs, scince this is not so, perhaps you could try to copy the human skeletal system? As a simple suggestion, I think the ankles/feet could benefit from a little revised anatomy. When I look at the legs, the area below the knee bothers me; the shin looks like a calf muscle, and the calves look like shin bones! I realise that things would be incredibly dull if every one tried to make things look uniform and perfect, but scince you enabled critiques, I feel the need to point things out in case you wish to revise the MOC sme day. The build overall, as Rannok said, looks quite stiff in a few places. In a fire demon, we really ought to see some flow and smoothness in the build. Besides the points made by Rannok, the main thing that bugs me is the huge, bare pistons in the backs of the legs; I've NEVER been a fan of that, and it doesn't make much sense; what would those things represent on a real flame demon? nothing, and for that reason, I would suggest that you look into some alternatives.

Proportions: I didn't get the feeling that this was a female when I first saw it, The narrow hips, long arms, masculine poses, and broad shoulders all said "male"

Impact: I like this moc, and when I first saw that beautiful color transition, I was impressed, but then I saw the shoulder joints and exposed balljoints on the legs and I was all like "well, that's a little less amazing <:L" (the shoulder joints, and exposed balljoints are totally fine, but not what I would expect from you.)

All in all, I like this MOC alot, but I liked overheat better; the silhouette was better, and the digitgraded legs were great. I love the head on ember, and the part usage is great. Don't feel as though I'm being aggressive here, I was just sharing my opinions, you should also know that it was pretty tough for me to find things to bitch about with this build. <:b
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Pitsuca Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Lol, fun fact :D in my language Ember means human xD
dinshino Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Nice color transition!
Lord-of-Potatoes Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Woah, this is a tribute to the gods of firey colors. Those are impressive legs, a supercool head and nice overall design. But you have to exaggerate what I'm saying to get a clear image of what I think bexause daaaaay-uuuuum.
Rahiden Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Glad you like her! :D
ToaNinjis Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Student Artist
I wish you did instructions, because i would be staring at the booklet all day making her! I really want my own copy of her so im trying to make my own version, and i am REALLY struggling on the head.
Rahiden Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No can do, I'm afraid :) But I applaud you for your efforts!
ToaNinjis Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Student Artist
Thx, its just that i cant get a good veiw of how you got the HF armor peices on, if i do what it looks to me,the peices dont have the diagonal, on the side veiw you dint see much of the hand peice, but on mine you do, did you use glue? Because thats the only possible way i see.
Rahiden Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Glue? Nononono, I'm a purist! Don't worry, there is definitely a secure connection. Bear in mind that the photos I upload here are designed to display the MOC, not necessarily so that people can easily replicate it. ;)
ToaNinjis Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Student Artist
Oh good, it would be diffrent for the greatest bionicle moccer to not be pure! And true you have a point, i may have found the connection.
FIREHAZARD123 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
Holy friggin crap, the way the colors transition is something i'd never expect from a MOC.

Manly job broseph :iconmanlyplz:
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