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The blog log

Aside from MOCing, I heartily enjoy writing blog posts. Here are some of my highlights.

:bulletred: Discussions: Generally longer journals in which I talk extensively about a particular topic.
:lightbulb: Glorified rearrangement: The effect that my Lego pastime has had on me.
:meow: The Hero Faffory journal: Reflect: About my webcomic, Hero Faffory: how it began, how it changed, and how it began to change me.
:earth: A deviant's Guide to the Chinese Language: My longest journal to date, about the peculiarities of Chinese.
:beer: That alcohol journal: A rant about alcohol.
:target: The nerd speaks up: A journal about my work ethic, and how you can't really talk about intelligence these days.
:lock: Swordfish in showbusiness: A short blog post about how important an artist's personality is to their artwork.
:flame: Smoke and mirrors: Cigarettes and self-reflection.
:email: Four and the same: Writing about myself as a person, for a change.
:unimpressed: A Spirit Day monologue: Musings about crime and punishment.
:+fav: Flight of the faverunners: A discussion about statistics, popularity and the motives behind my MOCing.
:heart: Our superficial society: A rant about relationships.
:blackrose: Roses are grey, violets are also grey...: A look at the many ways in which my colour blindness affects my life.
:magnify: Reflections and predictions: Things have changed over the years, but so has our perception of them.
:groups: The BML Standard: Something I wrote for the BionicleMOCersleague, to hopefully define what makes a 'good MOC'.
:pray: My thoughts on religion: Perhaps one of the most unstable topics that I could've chosen for my first blog post.

:bulletblue: Accounts: Generally shorter journals; either updates about me, or events that I've been to.
:note: Cantablogger Part 8: Read all about it: Writing about writing? How meta.
:spidey: Cantablogger Part 7: MOCer Diaries: A summary of my MOCing activities at university, including a photo gallery!
:dead: Cantablogger Part 6: Time for another entry: Oh time, thou art a heartless bitch
:cd: Cantablogger Part 5: A soberman's night out: Me, clubbing? Absurd!
:brainless: Cantablogger Part 4: "Aiden's still working!": The work ethic revisited.
:house: Cantablogger Part 3: The city of cycles: Miscellaneous.
:pencil: Cantablogger Part 2: Trust me, I'm an engineer: A sample of the first term of my engineering course!
:megaphone: Cantablogger Part 1: Introductions: The first instalment about my new life at university.
:cheese: Chalk and cheese sandwiches: A silly blog entry about dairy products and maths.
:pokeball: A bright start to 2013: A happy update journal to break up the monotony.
:snowflake: An arbitrary time of the year: 2012 words looking back at 2012.
:nuu: Parties, pieces, 'pocalypses: A short entry on a pretty pink background.
:camera: An elephant goes to China: Something I wrote after taking one of my MOCs with me on holiday.
:lol: Liquid nitrogen, Lego Mindstorms and lots of mud: A diary about an engineering course I went on at Cambridge University.
:B Work experience at Rolls-Royce: My personal insight into one of the largest engineering companies in the world.
:peace: Get me a pizza. Stat.: Comments after a holiday in Hong Kong.

:bulletgreen: Reference: Generally deviantArt-related stuff.
:trophy: TC101: Completion: A blog entry about the 100 Themes Challenge!
:O_o: Occasionally Asked Questions: FAQs.
:giggle: Hero Faffory: Everything you don't need to know about my comic series!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hello there, and welcome to my deviantArt page. My name is Aiden.

My gallery mainly consists of things I've created using Lego Bionicle and Hero Factory, known as MOCs. You'll also find satellite projects like my webcomic Hero Faffory, stopmotion animations, and the occasional biro drawing too.
I enjoy writing blog entries, for which you can find a directory further down this page.

:bulletred: What is a MOC?
MOC stands for My Own Creation; it is a term used to describe models made using Lego pieces but designed by the owner, so it is not an official Lego set.

:bulletred: Can you make instructions for your MOCs please?
I don't do instructions, sorry. This is partly because instructions take a lot of time and effort, and partly because I have learned that work on the Internet is all too easily stolen.

Other Occasionally Asked Questions

Part 1: Introductions | Part 2: Trust me, I'm an engineer | Part 3: The city of cycles | Part 4: "Aiden's still working!" | Part 5: A soberman's night out | Part 6: Time for another entry | Part 7: MOCer Diaries | Part 8: Read all about it

I think this is going to be my last Cantablogger entry. For now, at least.
I recently finished my first year of university, so it’s a good time to bring things to a close. And anyway, I’ve covered all the topics that I wanted to write about - aside from this one, of course. Writing about writing, eh? How meta.


For the past four years I’ve been documenting my life in writing. I keep a planner for each year, writing down thoughts, quotes, and events that occur in my day-to-day life. Then there are these blog entries, which alternate between general discussion of particular topics and materialistic accounts of stuff I’ve been doing. I read back through both of them on occasion, reliving the memories and getting confused at the obscure references that I no longer understand; it’s also interesting seeing how my general outlook on life has developed over the years, and how phases of elation or depression come across in what I write. Together they’re like a diary, really, except that it’s open for anybody to read and annotate. These days there are very few things that I actually keep to myself…

You know what the best part about writing is? It’s like having a conversation with both everybody and nobody. I can say whatever I like without needing a particular person at whom to direct it, and yet people are free to read if they so wish, making their responses all the more valuable. It’s the perfect place to offload general observations about everyday life (the first few sentences of this paragraph being a good example) without pressurising anybody for immediate response or criticism, and you have the liberty of taking your time with what you want to say. This has done wonders for my public speaking skills – I make a habit of dictating my blogs to myself to make sure they sound natural before posting anything online, as if I were speaking to a large crowd.

My writing style has been described as candid before: open, sincere, unrehearsed, perhaps to the point of vulnerability. But hey, I like this style. Why write at all if you aren’t exposing your thoughts at their purest? It’s not that I think my opinions are any more correct or valid than anybody else’s (though apparently it comes across that way); what you are reading now is how I think.

Writing is an incredibly valuable use of one’s time, though… it’s an insight into somebody else’s head, and the process itself is brilliant for identifying what you truly think about a particular topic. It’s a shame that it’s such a rare pastime – writing is like a sport of the mind, encouraging individuality, as opposed to the plethora of popular games which, while no doubt enjoyable, won’t contribute an awful lot to personal development. I am always bemused whenever I hear that my offline friends keep blogs too because of the vast range of the word’s meaning: my sister keeps one for her art studies, while a handful of my friends from college manage pages filled with cat gifs and Game of Thrones pictures. Admittedly I’m not a particularly loyal follower of any of them (though the cats do make for wonderful lazy mornings), and I find myself skim-reading far more of my friends’ deviantArt journals than I should, which makes me all the more appreciative of those who take the time to read mine.

I do realise that people have no obligation at all to read whatever I submit. I have to constantly remind myself that, frankly, people don’t care about some British teenager like me, and everything I do is entirely self-centred. Just look at how often I use the first-person! And similarly, I’m under no obligation to do this either - I could just stop writing, stop building, stop coming online at all, and there’d be no repercussions whatsoever. In some ways it makes me wonder why I set myself such strict deadlines (like the length and frequency of each entry) if it’s such a commitment-free hobby, but hey, I’m quantitative like that.

One area where I always try to tread carefully is the bridge between these blogs and ‘the real world’. You’ll have noticed that I strive to remain anonymous whenever I refer to the multitude of faceless ‘friends’ (special mentions to Wifey, the Rower, and the Pirate, who’ve now made brief appearances in at least half of these Cantablogger entries). That’s to say nothing of my own privacy: I recently discovered how easy it is to find my personal details simply by googling some fairly obvious keywords, and frankly if you’ve read this far then you deserve to know. I’m still getting accustomed to my friends at university proudly informing me that they’ve read my blog, which pleases me greatly;  sometimes I forget that these blogs aren’t purely for my own viewing.

Then of course, there are the rare occasions when people I know offline create a deviantArt account with the sole purpose of posting a comment on one of these journals. Unfortunately (and perhaps unsurprisingly) there’ve been more attempts to cause a stir than ones to offer words of wisdom, but thankfully deviantArt’s public birthday system allows me to identify said trolls and promptly unfriend them from Facebook. The proper comments, however, never fail to warm my heart: I used to say that the feedback on these journals provided half the enjoyment, and I think it’s partly my fault that the comments section has declined somewhat in recent times. In some ways I wish that the handful of my offline friends who do regularly read my blogs would leave a more permanent mark than just “Oh, I thought it was quite well-written!” upon my inquiry, but them taking the time to read it in the first place is already more than I could ask for.

And so, dear reader, for the last time in this series, Rahiden is signing off. As always, thanks for reading.

Skin by Celvas

Journal History



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ToaNinjis Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Student Artist
Request: your biggest fear as a bionicle
Rahiden Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm... that would be the personification of Failure. You never know, I might tie this in with one of my future projects, but I shan't guarantee anything ^^;
ToaNinjis Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Student Artist
Ok, thx for atleast replying!
KrishaCZ Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Hi Aiden, it's me again. That annoying requester.

Do you know about Bionicle being most likely revived?!
This image started the hype:
And on /r/bioniclelego, someone posted the reply he got from Lego customer service, not actually denying the possibility!

Rahiden Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, I knew about it from another source, but frankly as long as I have a steady supply of new, compatible pieces then I'm happy with whatever Lego does ;)
ToaNinjis Featured By Owner Edited Jun 28, 2014  New member Student Artist
REQUEST: A MOC of you in the bionicle Universe. Make it anyway you like and it would be nice for a story to it
ToaNinjis Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  New member Student Artist
And also, what advice would you give to a new MOCer, I want to make a bionicle vs HF series on youtube but i dont think my mocs are effective as other famous Youtubers like T1 and ToaScrack44,  you can check my 1 post i have of a elite rahkshi and i would be happy to see your tought on how i can improve!
ToaNinjis Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  New member Student Artist
What are your thoughts about HF, i was devastated when lego replaced it Bionicle, i just don't see the detail and the child in me when i use Hf. Which is why i usually take part in bionicle vs Hf things, but what about you?
Rahiden Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think Hero Factory is okay. Yes, I was saddened by Bionicle's departure, but I didn't dwell on it - HF gives me new pieces to play with, so I'm happy. I was never that into the storyline anyway ;)

I'm afraid I can't really comment on your Rahkshi... the picture is so small that I can't make out anything. Upon looking at Viden, though, I'd suggest turning your mind to shaping - get a better idea of what shape you want your MOC to have, and avoid having pins or axles sticking out unnecesarily.

And finally, I believe my selfMOC Toa Niyyan would suffice ;)
ToaNinjis Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  New member Student Artist
Answering three of my questions with one comment?

man, you DO deserve that medal next to your name!
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