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Aside from MOCing, I heartily enjoy writing blog posts. Here are some of my highlights.

:bulletred: Discussions: Generally longer journals in which I talk extensively about a particular topic.
:lightbulb: Glorified rearrangement: The effect that my Lego pastime has had on me.
:meow: The Hero Faffory journal: Reflect: About my webcomic, Hero Faffory: how it began, how it changed, and how it began to change me.
:earth: A deviant's Guide to the Chinese Language: My longest journal to date, about the peculiarities of Chinese.
:beer: That alcohol journal: A rant about alcohol.
:target: The nerd speaks up: A journal about my work ethic, and how you can't really talk about intelligence these days.
:lock: Swordfish in showbusiness: A short blog post about how important an artist's personality is to their artwork.
:flame: Smoke and mirrors: Cigarettes and self-reflection.
:email: Four and the same: Writing about myself as a person, for a change.
:unimpressed: A Spirit Day monologue: Musings about crime and punishment.
:+fav: Flight of the faverunners: A discussion about statistics, popularity and the motives behind my MOCing.
:heart: Our superficial society: A rant about relationships.
:blackrose: Roses are grey, violets are also grey...: A look at the many ways in which my colour blindness affects my life.
:magnify: Reflections and predictions: Things have changed over the years, but so has our perception of them.
:groups: The BML Standard: Something I wrote for the BionicleMOCersleague, to hopefully define what makes a 'good MOC'.
:pray: My thoughts on religion: Perhaps one of the most unstable topics that I could've chosen for my first blog post.

:bulletblue: Accounts: Generally shorter journals; either updates about me, or events that I've been to.
:note: Cantablogger Part 8: Read all about it: Writing about writing? How meta.
:spidey: Cantablogger Part 7: MOCer Diaries: A summary of my MOCing activities at university, including a photo gallery!
:dead: Cantablogger Part 6: Time for another entry: Oh time, thou art a heartless bitch
:cd: Cantablogger Part 5: A soberman's night out: Me, clubbing? Absurd!
:brainless: Cantablogger Part 4: "Aiden's still working!": The work ethic revisited.
:house: Cantablogger Part 3: The city of cycles: Miscellaneous.
:pencil: Cantablogger Part 2: Trust me, I'm an engineer: A sample of the first term of my engineering course!
:megaphone: Cantablogger Part 1: Introductions: The first instalment about my new life at university.
:cheese: Chalk and cheese sandwiches: A silly blog entry about dairy products and maths.
:pokeball: A bright start to 2013: A happy update journal to break up the monotony.
:snowflake: An arbitrary time of the year: 2012 words looking back at 2012.
:nuu: Parties, pieces, 'pocalypses: A short entry on a pretty pink background.
:camera: An elephant goes to China: Something I wrote after taking one of my MOCs with me on holiday.
:lol: Liquid nitrogen, Lego Mindstorms and lots of mud: A diary about an engineering course I went on at Cambridge University.
:B Work experience at Rolls-Royce: My personal insight into one of the largest engineering companies in the world.
:peace: Get me a pizza. Stat.: Comments after a holiday in Hong Kong.

:bulletgreen: Reference: Generally deviantArt-related stuff.
:trophy: TC101: Completion: A blog entry about the 100 Themes Challenge!
:O_o: Occasionally Asked Questions: FAQs.
:giggle: Hero Faffory: Everything you don't need to know about my comic series!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hello there, and welcome to my deviantArt page. My name is Aiden.

My gallery mainly consists of things I've created using Lego Bionicle and Hero Factory, known as MOCs. You'll also find satellite projects like my webcomic Hero Faffory, stopmotion animations, and the occasional biro drawing too.
I enjoy writing blog entries, for which you can find a directory further down this page.

:bulletred: What is a MOC?
MOC stands for My Own Creation; it is a term used to describe models made using Lego pieces but designed by the owner, so it is not an official Lego set.

:bulletred: Can you make instructions for your MOCs please?
I don't do instructions, sorry. This is partly because instructions take a lot of time and effort, and partly because I have learned that work on the Internet is all too easily stolen.

Other Occasionally Asked Questions

A spot of English

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 10:28 AM

[A and B sit down by the windowsill.]
A: I’ve been thinking about the topic of my next deviantArt journal. I mean, the last proper one I wrote was back in June, I think, so it’s been a while... How’s your tea?
[B takes a tentative sip.]
B: Mm. Still a bit hot. What were you thinking of writing about?
A: I’ve kinda wanted to talk about English grammar in a journal entry for a while now. Well, slightly more general than that – the evolution of the language as a whole as well as specific punctuation and spelling things.
B: I’m surprised you haven’t written about it before! You do go on about it all the time.
A: Yeah, I guess I do... I just don’t want it to turn into one of those “Five Grammar Mistakes You Make Every Day” type things, you know? There are already loads of those articles online.
B: Have you read the one about the Alot?
A: Oh yeah! On, on, what’s it called... Hyperbole and a Half! That one’s hilarious.
[Both smile and stir their tea.]
A: You know, I think there are three stages of people.
[A puts down his spoon and raises his index finger.]
A: The first kind are the people who don’t care about spelling or punctuation at all. I get comments like that on deviantArt all the time – you know, usually pretty brief comments, without a single capital letter or anything like that. And weirdly enough, they don’t actually annoy me that much... though I do find that I put less effort into my replies, if I even reply at all.
B: ...isn’t that a bit unfair? What if English isn’t their first language?
A: That’s sometimes the case, yeah, but you’d be surprised. It’s just that if they can’t be bothered to proofread their comment before sending it, it feels like I’m less obliged to take them seriously, you know? Okay, that didn’t quite come out right, but you know I mean.
B: Hm, I guess. How about the other two types of people?
[A takes a quick sip from his mug before answering.]
A: The middle group is the ‘normal’ people, and that encompasses most people our age, I think. They know about the difference between your and you’re, but they won’t be bothered by the occasional typo or punctuation error or something.
B: Am I in that group?
A: Mm, yeah, I’d say so. You’re at the better, more correct end of that group.
[B smiles.]
A: And then there’s me, in the third group. We’ll actually go out of our way to correct other people’s grammar; you’ve often heard me rant about less and fewer, who and whom, he and I and him and me...
B: Don’t call yourself a Grammar Nazi, though. I don’t like that term.
A: Yeah, I’m not a big fan either – Godwin’s Law and the like, right?
[A chuckles.]
A: It just seems that this wrongness is so unnecessary, that’s all! I mean, it’s not even hard – like that time in lectures when we weren’t sure if occurred had one R or two, and it just took me, like, twenty seconds to look it up. Spelling mistakes probably don't come up as often as I think they do, but if I see dissapointed written on a sign then it'll annoy me to no end.
[A takes another mouthful before continuing.]
A: You know what I think is the main problem? People aren't worried about the fact that they're wrong. If somebody corrects them, they'll just shrug it off and say "Oh, but you knew what I meant, didn't you?". That's a terrible excuse in my opinion, and they get all defensive when someone was simply trying to help. Won't do them any good when it comes to writing formal stuff.
B: Do you think it’s just a case of people not realising that they’re wrong, though? You said that you only realised that colour blind was two words once you looked it up for that blog entry.
A: Yeah, that’s true.
B: Hopefully things like autocorrect will make people more aware of this stuff.
A: Or maybe the opposite will happen and people will just let autocorrect fix everything for them. Actually, I’m glad you mentioned autocorrect – there’s something that keeps bugging me...
B: Hm?
[B watches expectantly as A pulls out his iPhone.]
A: Look: Apple doesn’t like it when I try to type its. I’ve even added its to that word list in Settings, and still every time it tries to correct it to it’s, and it’s infuriating.
B: Oh come on, that’s not that bad! You say it’s far more often than you’d say its anyway.
A: Yes, but it’s already the most unknowingly misused word... don’t quote me on that. I mean, I have some sympathy because of the usual ’s possession rule, but people need to learn that its is an exception! They should put it on the school curriculum or something! And this autocorrect thing isn’t helping.
[After putting his phone back in his pocket, A calms down again by drinking some more tea. The two of them look out onto the street.]
A: If there's any specific grammar point that I'm going to drive home in that journal, it's going to be the its thing. Hopefully people'll look up the fewer stuff without me having to explicitly state it.
B: Mm. What time’s your train, again?
[A checks his watch.]
A: Twenty-five past. No need to rush.
[A few seconds pass in silence as they are lost in their own thoughts.]
B: I think you’re being too black-and-white about this whole grammar thing.
A: How so?
B: Well, language is an art! It grows, it evolves, it changes. Language isn’t like maths, where there’s just one correct way of doing things – it adapts to whatever its speakers find most convenient at the time.
A: I guess. Nobody talks like Shakespeare anymore.
B: Exactly! Maybe in a few generations’ time, it’ll be correct to say, I don’t know, less cars or the guy who I talked to.
[A winces visibly.]
A: That sounds... well, it’s wrong! I’m trying to preserve the language as it is!
B: But if enough people carry on talking like that, it won’t be seen as wrong anymore because everyone’s doing it. We’re not supposed to start sentences with conjunctions either, but we’ve been doing that all day.
A: Yeah, but this is speech. It doesn’t count.
B: Really? So if something sounds more natural, it doesn’t matter whether it’s grammatically correct? That sounds like the reasoning of the less cars people.
[A hesitates, and B chuckles.]
A: Fine, you win this round. It’s probably not going to stop me from trying to correct people every now and then – I think it’s become a reflex for me now – but I guess it’s another thing I’ll just have to learn to accept.
[A raises his eyebrows at B, who returns the gesture. Both warm their hands on their mugs for a little while.]
B: So when do you think you’ll write it?
A: The journal? Sometime after I get home, I suspect. I just have to figure out how I’m going to conclude it – I mean, usually my posts are monologues with some kind of strong message to round it off, but I’m not sure I have one here.
B: I’m sure you’ll think of something!
A: I’ll try. Oh, and thanks for having this chat! It always helps a lot to talk about journal topics before I write anything down.
[B smiles, then glances at the clock on the wall.]
B: We should probably go – it’s almost ten past.
A: Yeah, you’re right.
[A and B gulp down the last of the tea, then leave the café.]


This conversation was made up, but B and the café were taken from recent events. Thanks for reading!

Note: Since posting this I have (unsurprisingly) been picked up on my incorrect use of the word anymore. Goes to show that A's grammar isn't as perfect as he thinks it is, eh? For reference purposes I'll keep the text as it is, but I'll try to switch to any more from now onwards.

Journal History



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