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The blog log

Aside from MOCing, I heartily enjoy writing blog posts. Here are some of my highlights.

:bulletred: Discussions: Generally longer journals in which I talk extensively about a particular topic.
:lightbulb: Glorified rearrangement: The effect that my Lego pastime has had on me.
:meow: The Hero Faffory journal: Reflect: About my webcomic, Hero Faffory: how it began, how it changed, and how it began to change me.
:earth: A deviant's Guide to the Chinese Language: My longest journal to date, about the peculiarities of Chinese.
:beer: That alcohol journal: A rant about alcohol.
:target: The nerd speaks up: A journal about my work ethic, and how you can't really talk about intelligence these days.
:lock: Swordfish in showbusiness: A short blog post about how important an artist's personality is to their artwork.
:flame: Smoke and mirrors: Cigarettes and self-reflection.
:email: Four and the same: Writing about myself as a person, for a change.
:unimpressed: A Spirit Day monologue: Musings about crime and punishment.
:+fav: Flight of the faverunners: A discussion about statistics, popularity and the motives behind my MOCing.
:heart: Our superficial society: A rant about relationships.
:blackrose: Roses are grey, violets are also grey...: A look at the many ways in which my colour blindness affects my life.
:magnify: Reflections and predictions: Things have changed over the years, but so has our perception of them.
:groups: The BML Standard: Something I wrote for the BionicleMOCersleague, to hopefully define what makes a 'good MOC'.
:pray: My thoughts on religion: Perhaps one of the most unstable topics that I could've chosen for my first blog post.

:bulletblue: Accounts: Generally shorter journals; either updates about me, or events that I've been to.
:note: Cantablogger Part 8: Read all about it: Writing about writing? How meta.
:spidey: Cantablogger Part 7: MOCer Diaries: A summary of my MOCing activities at university, including a photo gallery!
:dead: Cantablogger Part 6: Time for another entry: Oh time, thou art a heartless bitch
:cd: Cantablogger Part 5: A soberman's night out: Me, clubbing? Absurd!
:brainless: Cantablogger Part 4: "Aiden's still working!": The work ethic revisited.
:house: Cantablogger Part 3: The city of cycles: Miscellaneous.
:pencil: Cantablogger Part 2: Trust me, I'm an engineer: A sample of the first term of my engineering course!
:megaphone: Cantablogger Part 1: Introductions: The first instalment about my new life at university.
:cheese: Chalk and cheese sandwiches: A silly blog entry about dairy products and maths.
:pokeball: A bright start to 2013: A happy update journal to break up the monotony.
:snowflake: An arbitrary time of the year: 2012 words looking back at 2012.
:nuu: Parties, pieces, 'pocalypses: A short entry on a pretty pink background.
:camera: An elephant goes to China: Something I wrote after taking one of my MOCs with me on holiday.
:lol: Liquid nitrogen, Lego Mindstorms and lots of mud: A diary about an engineering course I went on at Cambridge University.
:B Work experience at Rolls-Royce: My personal insight into one of the largest engineering companies in the world.
:peace: Get me a pizza. Stat.: Comments after a holiday in Hong Kong.

:bulletgreen: Reference: Generally deviantArt-related stuff.
:trophy: TC101: Completion: A blog entry about the 100 Themes Challenge!
:O_o: Occasionally Asked Questions: FAQs.
:giggle: Hero Faffory: Everything you don't need to know about my comic series!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hello there, and welcome to my deviantArt page. My name is Aiden.

My gallery mainly consists of things I've created using Lego Bionicle and Hero Factory, known as MOCs. You'll also find satellite projects like my webcomic Hero Faffory, stopmotion animations, and the occasional biro drawing too.
I enjoy writing blog entries, for which you can find a directory further down this page.

:bulletred: What is a MOC?
MOC stands for My Own Creation; it is a term used to describe models made using Lego pieces but designed by the owner, so it is not an official Lego set.

:bulletred: Can you make instructions for your MOCs please?
I don't do instructions, sorry. This is partly because instructions take a lot of time and effort, and partly because I have learned that work on the Internet is all too easily stolen.

Other Occasionally Asked Questions

Rahiden's deviantArt Story

Sat Aug 9, 2014, 9:33 AM
Happy 14th birthday, deviantArt! This is the journal skin you wanted us to use, right? Right?

On 12th February 2008, a twelve year old Aiden decided to create a deviantArt account under the totally awesome unrivalled name of Maplemaster. Those were the days, eh? Man, I hate that name. At the time, of course, I had no idea that this account would become what it has; I was rather hooked on the MMORPG Maplestory, meaning that my first few deviations were edited screenshots and drawings of in-game stuff. They have been shifted over to my Scraps folder now, but I look back on them fondly...
The Statue of Goddess by Rahiden

Sadly most of my early deviantArt buddies are now inactive, like Fuzzianna (who convinced me to create the account in the first place) and Uikri (previously known as Minoru-Kokubunji, who was one of my first Bionicle friends on here), and it's a shame seeing so many "Sorry for the inactivity" and "I think I'm just going to leave deviantArt" journals in my inbox. Alas, people coming and going is just a fact of life, isn't it? Nothing we can do but watch them go and continue as we are. I'm featuring a painting done by Fuzzianna, appropriately named 'Forget me not'.
Forglem Mig Ej by Fuzzianna

Over the years, my MOCing gradually developed. I became more careful with colours, more fanatic about photography, more insistent on imagination. There are still some oldies that I'm fond of, though it's now become the case that everything I build will probably stick around for the foreseeable future. One thing I love about the Bionicle community here on deviantArt is that there's such a wide range of skill here, from people asking for tips through to virtuosos that leave you speechless (and don't say much themselves either!). Rhymes-Shelter is one of the latter.
Rafiki by Rhymes-Shelter

I know I've mentioned it several times before, but I can't go through a 'My deviantArt Story' without mentioning Hero Faffory, can I? Man, what a journey that was. It made sure that I remained active, it caused laughs and arguments, it was inspired by the readers as well as the writer, and I now view my MOCs as characters as well as simple sculptures. Above all, though, it was by far the most enjoyable project that I've done (noting that my definition of 'project' is incredibly ambiguous), and I have to thank the loyal people who came with me on that trek. I skimmed through the gallery just now, and it was hard to pick just one to feature!
Hero Faffory Page 51: Minimise by Rahiden

And then of course, on the other side of things, I have become a writing hobbyist. (Hah, 'hobbyist' doesn't look like it should be a word.) Through journals, videos, and simple comments alike, deviantArt has made me far more thoughtful on how I come across in writing, and I doubt there are many people my age who can claim that they write a 1,000-word essay every month as a simple pastime. One such person is Lewanut, whose curious writing style never fails to amuse.
On the Proper Preparation of SandwichesIt's become ubiquitous for uncreative writing teachers to assign their pupils the common, pedestrian task of inscribing instructions on the proper preparation of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Perhaps they hope that some will take it to heart, and grow up to be writers of technical manuals and/or cookbooks. Or perhaps they're just biding time until summer vacation, and the resulting opportunity to kick it (as the expression goes) in Vegas. Regardless, I now bring you tidings that will put such petty scribblings to shame: the most in-depth, detail-oriented, hyphen-abusing description of sandwich creation in existence. We have left no minuscule detael unexamined, producing a thoroughly polished and well-researched entry for your perusal. Don't thank us, it's just what we do.
To begin with, drive to Wal-Mart. I presume you're well acquainted with automobiles; otherwise, you must first read a guide that deals with such matters. Once you have reached Wal-Mart, proceed to stock your car

Ah, deviantArt has changed me in all sorts of good ways. I clicked the 'Write a Journal Entry' button with the sole purpose of getting a shiny new badge, but reflecting over the past six years has brought back so many brilliant memories. May the art keep flowing for all of us!

Journal History



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KrishaCZ Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
Hey Aiden, you know the hype about Bionicle 2015? It got to its maximum now, someone found this on official Lego pages.…
Rahiden Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think the maximum "ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN" will be when we actually know in detail what the sets look like :P
Rahiden Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry, but I'd really rather not - I have other projects that I'd prefer to pursue, and I think I have enough Titan-sized humanoids already! ^^; Perhaps you could ask another deviantArt MOCer?
Bioniclezilla76 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
Sorry for bugging you but I'll go do that instead. Thanks.
MagentaCooly Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hakuru15 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Student Artist
Your quote is amazing dude
Mikkillerib Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there Rahiden. I was wondering if i could tempt you with looking at my MOC pictures that i have uploaded. You don't have to, but if you do, it would be amazing if you also gave a short review on them.
Nyanic Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Got any photography tips for me? I have a Canon Powershot.
Rahiden Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Plain background! Natural lighting! Increase exposure time if you want the colours to be more vivid (or use the Curves feature on GIMP, that works too)! Colour contrast between the subject and the background! Make sure the important stuff (a.k.a the head, if it has one) is in focus! No distracting objects poking into the frame! A generally neutral 'main' picture where you can see a good overview of the whole thing! Maybe a few subsidiary detailed shots if you feel like it! Empty space between the subject and the edges of the frame - some, but not too much! Make sure the picture's big enough! Use a tripod if you can! Avoid dark shadows (unless they're for dramatic effect)!

Of course, this is just for photographing Still Life, but I hope that helps ;)
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